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During Fort Wainwright’s first on-site event since March 2019, FanFX captivates fans and creates an immersive live show experience.

Fairbanks, Alaska 6/5/2021 — In early January of 2021, the United States Army Garrison Alaska Fort Wainwright (USAG Alaska Fort Wainwright), with the help of Degy Entertainment, started planning their summer concert. Well aware of the complications that could arise in preparing for an in-person live show during the pandemic, Degy Entertainment knew their focus must remain on total event operations and enlisted the help of FanFX video production services. In partnering with FanFX, Degy and USAG Alaska Fort Wainwright could rest assured knowing they have paired up with a turnkey solution and the priceless bonus; peace of mind.

With a lineup featuring comedian Ronnie Jordan, rapper Ludacris, and country music artist Brantley Gilbert, the USAG Alaska Fort Wainwright had secured an abundance of talent for a memorable night. FanFX would proceed to handle the video production logistics and operational support without as much as an onsite walkthrough before the actual event.

Social distancing at a concert may seem like an oxymoron, but in 2021 it is a new logistical obstacle that event coordinators must factor into their plans. They painted the sports field with distinct lines to differentiate the specific areas where groups of up to six people could safely and comfortably enjoy the show. To bring the immersive experience of a live show to life while remaining compliant meant heavy video support would be critical in elevating the sensory element for concertgoers.

Three (3) 12 by 24-foot video walls were ordered and provided by Briere Production Group. To maximize exposure to all of the attendees, the screens went on either side of the stage and one at midfield to reach those furthest away from the action. With this level of sightline coverage, fans could be captivated by the show no matter their proximity to the stage.

Next, FanFX started planning out their “video village.” In the video-production world, the “village” is a tactfully located area on the stage where all of the video equipment’s connectivity is routed and is then piped directly to the director and engineer. Alaska’s geography presents its fair share of obstacles when acquiring the necessary equipment for as sizable a production as this. Fortunately, FanFX worked with organizers to source all video production gear and equipment needed for the event, utilizing local, lower 48, and international resources to keep the budget balanced and quality high.

As a part of their comprehensive package, FanFX comes armed with top-of-the-line equipment. They not only provided the best possible quality but also remained unobtrusive in the event space. Four (4) Sony HD Triax camera chains, outfitted with the proper equipment and communications tools to ensure flawless execution between FanFX team members, were used. Additionally, a top-of-the-line point of view (POV) camera was fixated on Brantley Gilbert’s drummer, delivering an “in-your-face” percussion experience typically only found on stage, straight to the audience!

Given the added regulations caused by the pandemic, crowd messaging would be needed during the event. Often overlooked but crucial to elevating production value, FanFX also created an entirely new custom content package featuring a 3D logo loop, emergency messaging, and engaging noise prompts for audience interaction. Equipment and a game plan can only get you so far. FanFX provided an onsite team, including a Producer, Engineer, Crew Chief, and Lead Camera Operator, to execute the game plan to perfection.

With advanced equipment, top-tier production talent, and stunning graphics, FanFX makes an ambitious and complex endeavor look easy. A luxury only afforded by partnering with FanFX. In a 5-day whirlwind, USAG Alaska Fort Wainwright saw their sporting field remarkably transformed into an epicenter of live entertainment. The ability to increase production value without breaking the bank, and offering turnkey solutions to your venue’s obstacles, is what makes a partnership with FanFX as straightforward and valuable as it is.

FanFX is responsible for the content of this case study.  No U.S. Federal or U.S. Army endorsement is intended or implied.

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